Physic writer reads a student

No crystal ball was necessary to reveal the success of the psychic readers who came to campus this weekend to unlock the secrets of the spirit for students.

The event, dubbed “Anti-Valentines day” was sponsored by FUSA late-night programming and drew about 100 students to the Lower Level of Barone Campus Center Friday night.

Students enjoyed a wide variety of activities, including a photo-booth, washable tattoos, friendship bracelets, desserts, piñata’s and two psychic readers. “There are so many things to do right now!” shouted excited freshman Bobby Bohny ’16.

The inspiration for the event was a “party for single people” event organizer Nicole Rende ’15, explained, to combat the over-the-top sentimentality of Valentine’s Day and provide singles with their own event.

FUSA decided to play the movie “Valentines Day” during the event. Freshman David Gillick remarked that this was “just to fuel the hatred.” However, the vibe that night was anything but bitter.

Students were excited about the activities that FUSA offered. “I love FUSA!” exclaimed Novy Thaib ’16, while applying a temporary tattoo to her upper arm.

Garnering the most attention that night was the mysterious psychic readers. While the night was advertised as an event for those against the “Hallmark Holiday” of Valentine’s Day, it quickly became apparent that the night centered around psychic powers.

Students signed up and waited, some for over an hour, to hear the secrets of their soul’s unlocked. While many walked in skeptical, the overwhelming response was awe at the accuracy of the readers.

Donna Lee, a tarot card reader, has been a psychic for over 25 years. Students at her table were asked to draw three cards from two different decks, one deck containing spirit animals.

Each of the animal cards were combined with one of the idea cards and labeled past, present and future. Channeling spiritual energy, Donna Lee would explain the meaning behind the combinations, which were different for every participant.

After being told she would be making a big impact on the global community, Miranda Muscente ’16 said, “Basically, I’m the new Hillary Clinton.”

While not taking the fortune so seriously, she said, “it was for fun, but it has a lot of truth I think.”

The other reader present was Patricia Joy (PJ), a life coach who has been practicing spiritual writing for eight years. Rather than using tarot cards, her methodology involved “connecting to the heart energy.”

Sophomore Kathryn Dennen explained the spirit writing process: She was given a heart shaped stone and told to hold it, while PJ wrote for three minutes.

“I am blown away by how insightful she was,” Dennen said after receiving her reading.

Whether they believed the psychic readings were just for fun or had the potential to reveal the future, students felt it was an intense and fulfilling experience. Many walked away from the readings feeling spiritually centered.

“It was scary!” said Katie Brundage ’15, a psychology major. As someone who studies the mind, she said “I believe your mentality dictates what you do – sometimes we just need someone to dig through the mess and tell us what we really need to hear.”


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