Contributed by Wrestlingforum.com

Contributed by Wrestlingforum.com

The insatiable Linda McMahon is at it again. Following her 50 Million dollar splurge on her failed 2010 campaign for senate, the beast that can’t be beat has reared her bleach blond head once more, carpeting our billboards, suffocating our commercial breaks and stuffing our mailboxes with her insidious propaganda.

This isn’t the Gilded-Age. The fact that tycoons like Romney and McMahon have any credibility in the eyes of the American public is a travesty. These are people who’s chief concerns lay in the financial wellbeing of corporations rather than the quality of life enjoyed by everyone who doesn’t happen to be a CEO.

McMahon clawed her way to the top exposing staged violence to children on television through the wildly successful, WWE. If we are to believe that she is qualified for office based on her experience running the company, than we should expect her policy to treat citizens similarly to her own employees. Through what is seemingly a loophole, the WWE classifies its wrestlers as “independent contractors” and thus avoids paying for benefits like Social Security or Medicare for its employees. The profits of such thrift undoubtedly slip right back into the pockets of McMahon and her buddies in upper management.

Is this really someone we want representing our state? A media mogul with questionable morality regarding not only what constitutes family-friendly programming, but also employee benefits? I’m not trying to condemn wrestling by any means, just draw out the inevitable connection between her business dealings that supposedly qualify her to represent this state and her political views.

Her Democratic competitor in the general election is the laudable Chris Murphy. A rundown of his public policies include: equating LGTB rights with human rights, supporting environmental protection, opposing off-shore drilling, and promoting a public option healthcare plan which would compete with private insurance companies and not only bring down costs and increase competition, but make healthcare more financially feasible for struggling citizens.

Although his mansion may pale in comparison to McMahon’s decadent Greenwich estate, his policies are concerned with ethics: regulating power on the congressional level by attempting to detangle self-interest from the mix on the part of legislators and also emphasizing the need for refining and protecting welfare systems from corporate greed. Murphy cares about people. McMahon cares about money and that is what her campaign has been all about. She has already spent more than 15 Million dollars propping herself up as the spine we need to save us, and while she certainly has a spine, a heart is questionable.

McMahon thinks she can buy this election. Let’s prove her wrong again.


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